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Triethylene Glycol
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Triethylene glycol, chemical, colorless, odorless, sweet and sticky, colorless, transparent or slightly yellow liquid.
Chinese name: triethylene glycol
Chinese alias: triethylene glycol; bis (triethylene glycol); bis (triethylene glycol)
English name: Triethylene glycol
English alias: TEG; triethylene glycol anhydrous; 2,2- (ethylenedioxy) diethanol; Trigol 95+% (GLC); Triglycol; Trigol; 2,2 '-[ethane-1,2-diylbis (oxy)] diethanol; 2 , 2 '-(Ethylenedioxy) diethanol
CAS number: 112-27-6
MDL number: MFCD00002880
RTECS number: YE4550000
BRN number: 969357
PubChem number: 24890095
EINECS number: 203-953-2
Characters: colorless, odorless, sweet, sticky, colorless, transparent or slightly yellow liquid. The relative density is 1.126, the boiling point is 285 C, the melting point is -7 C, it is flammable, the flash point is 176.7 C, and the spontaneous ignition point is 371 C. It can be miscible with water in any proportion, can reduce the freezing point of water, and has great hygroscopicity. The simple structure is HO- (CH2) 2-O- (CH2) 2-O- (CH2) 2-OH, and the molecular formula is C6H14O4. The relative molecular mass is 150.2 (according to the 1997 international relative atomic mass).
Content: 99.00% (mass fraction)
Moisture 0.10% (mass fraction)
Acidity (as acetic acid) 100mg / kg
Boiling range (at 0 C, 0.10133MPa)
5% (volume fraction) 286.0
95% (volume fraction) 293.0
Density (20 ): 1.1215 ~ 1.1245g / cm3
Boiling point (ºC, 101.3kPa): 285
Melting point (freezing point) (ºC): -7
Relative density (g / mL, 15 / 4ºC): 1.1274
Relative density (g / mL, 20 / 4ºC): 1.1072
 Relative vapor density (g / mL, air = 1): 5.2
Refractive index (n20D): 1.455
Refractive index (20ºC): 1.457815
Viscosity (mPa s, 20ºC): 49.0
 Viscosity (mPa s, 60ºC): 8.5
Flash point (ºC, closed mouth): 165
Flash point (ºC, opening): 196
 Ignition point (ºC): 371
Evaporation heat (KJ / mol, b.p.): 71.452
Combustion heat (KJ / mol): 3563.4
Specific heat capacity (KJ / (kg K), 20ºC, constant pressure): 2.20
Conductivity (S / m, 20ºC): 8.4 10-8
Vapor pressure (kPa, 25ºC): 0.00018
Vapor pressure (kPa, 162ºC): 1.33
Vapor pressure (kPa, 198ºC): 6.67
Volume expansion coefficient (K-1,55ºC): 0.00071
Solubility: miscible with water, alcohol, propanol, benzene, etc. In 100 mL of triethylene glycol, 40.6 g of carbon tetrachloride, 20.4 g of diethyl ether, 17.7 g of tetrachloroethylene, and 33.0 g of toluene were dissolved. In addition, triethylene glycol can still dissolve o-dichlorobenzene, phenol, nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, dextrin, etc., but it cannot dissolve petroleum ether, resin and oil.
 Relative density (25 C, 4 C): 1.124
Refractive index at normal temperature (n25): 1.455720
Critical temperature (ºC): 506.85
 Critical pressure (MPa): 3.30
 Solubility parameter (J cm-3) 0.5: 27.184
 van der Waals area (cm2 mol-1): 1.220 1010
 van der Waals volume (cm3 mol-1): 84.860
Gas phase standard combustion heat (enthalpy) (kJ mol-1): -3636.8
 Gas phase standard claimed heat (enthalpy) (kJ mol-1): -725.0
 Liquid phase standard combustion heat (enthalpy) (kJ mol-1): -3557.6
 Liquid phase standard claimed heat (enthalpy) (kJ mol-1): -804.2
 Liquid phase standard hot melt (J mol-1 K-1): 350.0
Packaging: 25kg plastic drum, 200kg plastic drum

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