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Lead acetate trihydrate
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Lead acetate trihydrate is a chemical substance,
CAS Registry Number: 6080-56-4
Chinese name: Lead acetate trihydrate; Lead acetate (trihydrate)
English name: lead acetate
English alias: Leadacetate trihydrate (Pb (OAc) 2.3H2O); Lead diacetate trihydrate; Lead (II) acetatetrihydrate;

 Plumbous acetate trihydrate
Molecular formula: C4H6O4Pb.3 (H2O)
Molecular weight: 379.33
Content: 99%
EINECS registration number: 206-104-4
Properties White crystalline or flaky powder, industrial products are often brown or gray large pieces.
Melting point 75 °„ C (dehydration)
Boiling point 280 °ś
Relative density 2.50g / cm3
Solubility Soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, easily soluble in glycerin.
Melting point: 75 °„ C
Relative density:-
Solubility: 625 g / L
Lead acetate trihydrate is a white crystalline or flaky powder, and industrial products are often brown or gray lumps. combustible.

When exposed to air, it absorbs carbon dioxide and becomes a water-insoluble substance. Slightly acetic. Soluble in water,

slightly soluble in alcohol, easily soluble in glycerin. The relative density is 2.55 (25/4 °„ C), the melting point is 75 °„ C (rapid heat),

 the solubility is 55.04g / 100g of water, and water is lost at 75 °„ C. Decomposes at 200 °„ C.

 The melting point of anhydrous product is 280 °„ C, the relative density is 3.25 (20/4 °„ C),

 and 44.3g can be dissolved in 100g of water at 20 °„ C. In addition,

 lead acetate decahydrate is a white orthogonal crystal with a relative density of 1.69 (25/4 °„ C).

 It is easily weathered and dehydrated at room temperature.
Preparation of lead salts, lead pigments, also used in biological dyeing,

 organic synthesis and pharmaceutical industry.
Derived from the reaction of lead oxide with acetic acid. Lead oxide was dissolved in 80% hot acetic acid until bubbled,

filtered, a small amount of acetic acid was added to the filtrate, and evaporated to a relative density of 1.40. Cool, shake,

and dry to obtain lead acetate. Industrial products lead acetate generally has a purity of more than 98. After purification,

 it can be recrystallized with 1 acetic acid solution,

 or lead acetate trihydrate can be dissolved in water and passed into hydrogen sulfide to precipitate lead sulfide and other impurities.

 After filtration, add fluorescent gallium reagent (Co, Al, Cu, etc.) Complexing agent), add a small amount of activated carbon,

and then add EDTA sodium salt treatment, you can get extremely pure reagent-grade products.
Packaging: 100g / bag, 500g / bag or bottle, 1kg / bag or bottle, 25kg / drum or packed on the clients' requirements

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