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HeBei Ruishun Trade Co.,LTD mainly producing all kinds of pharmaceutical intermediates,include MDPT, BMDP, HEXYLONE, 4-CDC, 2FDCK, FUB2201, 5F-MDMB2201, MPHP-2201, MMBF, MMB-2201, MMBFUB, 4FADB, MDM2201, 5CL-ADB-A, 5CAKB48, SGT78, HEP, EU and so on  Products are mainly sales in Russia, Britain, the United States, Poland, Australia and other countries.

Company is mainly in express delivery, air transportation and container transportation way, to ensure that every customer receive the goods safety, if you can't receive the goods, the company responsible for delivery, until customer received, looking forward to cooperate with you.

Our distribution capabilities include:
¢ Flexible deliveries, intelligent solutions
¢ Anything from bulk shipments of thousands of tonnes down to the smallest shipment of packed goods and even samples.
¢ Bulk C storage and transport of powders and liquids C movement of goods in ships C powders and bulk liquids
¢ Pharma, feed and food storage to accredited standards
¢ Segregated materials by business unit and hazard classification
¢ Temperature controlled storage and transport
¢ Effective cost control
¢ Re-packing, drum filling, bagging, ripping and tipping
¢ Customer delivery KPI's on delivery fulfillment performance

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